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Expert plumbers

We Are Waltham’s Go-To Plumbing Company!

When it comes to finding the finest residential and commercial plumbers in town, New Era is your friendly neighborhood plumbing company with over 15 years of industry experience! Our team of plumbing contractors is dedicated to delivering dependable solutions to the wonderful residents of Waltham. From emergency plumber services to garbage disposal repair and drain cleaning, we’ve got you covered!

In need of urgent air duct cleaning? Our 24-hour plumbers are here to assist you, day or night, all throughout the Waltham community. And if you’re planning a grand bathroom transformation, count on us for expert shower installations and toilet replacements!

So, the next time you’re seeking trustworthy residential and commercial plumbing contractors with experience in the Waltham area, turn to New Era. We’re prepared to handle all your plumbing needs with professionalism and a genuine smile!


Common Questions About Waltham Plumbers

At New Era, our Waltham plumbers have you covered for any job, from simple drain cleanings to more complex jobs, like sink replacements and sewer line installations. New Era’s plumbers are experienced with residential plumbing work in the Waltham area, and our commercial contractor services can’t be heat. We handle it all. Faucet repair, garbage disposal replacement, tub installation, trenchless sewer repair – you name it, we do it! Our services also include specialized tasks, like air duct cleaning and drain cleaning, to keep your property healthy and efficient.

Safety first, always. Our plumbers treat your Waltham home or business like it’s our own. Before we start, we lay down protective sheets to keep your space pristine. Our plumbing contractors clean up after themselves, leaving your place spotless. Plus, we adhere to all safety guidelines to ensure a risk-free environment. No muss, no fuss.

You bet! Emergencies don’t clock out at 5 pm, and neither does this plumbing company. Our 24-hour plumber service ensures that your Waltham home or business is never left high and dry, regardless of the hour. Whether it’s a stubborn drain or a busted pipe, our emergency plumber team will be at your doorstep in a jiffy.

Absolutely! We’re more than just your neighborhood plumbing company. Our commercial plumbing contractors have the know-how to handle big projects and public spaces that see higher traffic in the Waltham community. From repiping a whole business to managing complex sewer line installations, we’ve got it under control.

Totally! We’re old hands at all things residential plumbing. Waltham homeowners love our services for toilet replacement, shower installation, even the trickiest tub installations. Our team of residential plumbers has been there, done that.

Well, it depends on a few factors like pets, smoking, and allergies. But a good rule of thumb is to have your air duct cleaning every 3-5 years to maintain quality air circulation.

Our team of skilled plumbers has got a few tricks up their sleeves for drain cleaning. From high-pressure water jets to snaking, we use the method that best fits the job and site at your home or business in Waltham or anywhere in the surrounding area. Our team makes sure your drains go from clogged to clear in no time.

Of course! Whether it’s garbage disposal installation, repair, or replacement, our services cater to both residential and commercial clients anywhere in and around Waltham. We believe everyone deserves a hassle-free disposal system.

Our solutions

Comprehensive Plumbing Services For the Waltham Community

As one of the leading residential and commercial plumbers in Massachusetts, New Era delivers high-quality services to keep your home and business running smooth. Our plumbing contractors are always there for you, ready to fix any plumbing repair or tackle any installation in and around the Waltham area.

Need an emergency plumber during odd hours? No problem! Beautifying your kitchen or bathroom? Our plumbing fixture installation is the best you’ll find, guaranteed. Concerned about leaks? Our plumbing leak detection service is as efficient as it gets.

Think big? So do we. With our trenchless sewer repair and sump pump installation, any commercial plumbing job too, we’ll get it done with minimum fuss, maximum efficiency.

From tub installations to faucet repairs, we’re your go-to guys. So, for your next plumbing need in and around Waltham, think New Era – Massachusetts’ choice for reliable commercial and residential plumbers!

Residential plumbing

Reliable Residential Plumbing For Your Waltham Home

For efficient residential plumbing in Waltham, look no further than New Era! Our highly skilled plumbing contractors are ready to turn your home into the place of your dreams. Here are just a few of the plumbing services we offer to our Waltham neighbors:

  • Plumbing fixture installation: We’ll dial up the style and function in your home, no sweat.
  • Sump pump installation and replacement: Your basement tends to flood? We’re on it.
  • Shower replacement and setup: Longing for a tranquil retreat? We’ll morph your bathroom into an oasis.
  • Drain cleaning: Because no one likes a clogged drain, right?
  • Air duct cleaning: Breathe easy, we’ve got this one covered too.
  • Garbage disposal services: From installation to repair, we keep things running smoothly.

We’re not just your neighborhood plumbing company – we’re your friends, and we’re all about building lasting relationships while providing Massachusetts with stellar residential plumbing services. Here at New Era, it’s not just about fixing pipes, it’s about making lives better!

Commercial plumbers

Our commercial plumbers are the ideal partners for your business

Our seasoned commercial plumbing contractors deliver a wide array of services to ensure that your business operation runs smoothly. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Looking to rev up your commercial system? Our plumbing system upgrades take performance and cost-saving to the max.
  • Want to keep your water supply safe? Count on our backflow preventer installation and repair service.
  • Need a facelift for your property? Our plumbing fixture installation and replacement will do just that, and then some.
  • Gas line giving you the jitters? No worries, our gas line installation and repair service is all about safety and efficiency.
  • And how about keeping those sudden glitches at bay? Our regular maintenance services are the preventative medicine your business plumbing system needs to stay in tip-top shape.


Whether you’re a bustling restaurant or a sleek office building, our commercial plumbers tailor their expertise to fit your unique needs.

Specialized services

Drain Cleaning? Garbage Disposal Installation? We Handle It All!

At New Era, we’re the folks you want for specialized commercial and residential plumbing jobs like tub installation, toilet replacement, drain cleaning, and yes, even garbage disposal replacement. Here’s how we roll:

  • First, we get to the bottom of the issue. Whether it’s installing a brand-new shower or giving a thorough air duct cleaning, we don’t just skim the surface.
  • Next, our expert plumbers whip up a solution custom-made for your specific problem. We weigh up what’s needed pronto and what fits your budget to bring you the best results.
  • And finally, the fun part – getting it done! We’re all about precision and efficiency, causing minimal disruption. With our arsenal of high-tech gear, we deliver a smooth, hassle-free service from start to finish.


So, whether it’s transforming your bathroom or giving your piping system an upgrade, trust the folks at New Era, Waltham’s trusted plumbing contractors. We’re all about bringing that professional touch!

For drain cleanings and more, be sure to check out what special promotions we are currently offering.

24-hour plumbers

24-hour Emergency Plumbers At Your Service

Like anywhere else, life in Waltham can be unpredictable. You never know when you might need emergency plumber services. Thankfully, the Waltham community can count on New Era’s 24-hour plumbers. They are always ready to dive into action, any time of day or night.

Need urgent drain cleaning or facing a sudden plumbing leak in and around Waltham? New Era’s plumbers are all over it. Our ace team of plumbing contractors knows the importance of quick action to keep damage and repair costs to a minimum.

But you know what makes New Era special? We’re not just about the nuts and bolts. We’re a plumbing company with a big heart, where every customer and every employee is a part of our extended family. We genuinely care about our Waltham community, which means we put your safety, comfort, and peace of mind at the forefront of all we do.

So, whether you’re caught up in a residential plumbing emergency, or your business needs a swift hand from a skilled commercial plumber, remember – New Era’s 24-hour plumbers have got your back.

At New Era, we don’t see emergency plumber calls as a problem – it’s our opportunity to be there for our community when they need us most!

Why choose us

Why Choose a New Era Plumber?

At New Era, we’re not just plumbers, but part of the fabric of Waltham, MA. We’re a plumbing company that genuinely values its community.

Whether it’s a quick surprise plumbing hiccup, a total shower replacement, or a routine professional air duct cleaning, New Era’s team of residential and commercial plumbing contractors are the pros you need. Our services cover everything from sharp gas leak detection to smooth garbage disposal repairs.

But what really sets New Era apart are our more than 600 5-star reviews – a true testament to commitment and unmatched professionalism. It’s not just about fixing pipes for us, we strive to make a difference in Waltham’s community with every job we nail.

With New Era, you’re not just getting plumbing solutions – you’re starting a lasting relationship, based on trust and quality service.

And for shower replacements and more, be sure to check out our latest promotions.

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Top-Notch Plumbing Services Near Waltham, MA

Got a plumbing hiccup? Don’t sweat it, New Era is the real deal in Waltham! Our trusted 24-hour plumbers are just a phone call away, ready to tackle anything from a simple faucet repair to a top-tier shower installation.

Experience a new level of service with a plumbing company that truly cares about our community. Reach out to New Era today for reliable, fast, and budget-friendly plumbing solutions. You won’t be disappointed!