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AC Coil Cleaning

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Many homeowners don’t think about their AC coils until there is a problem. Dirty AC coils are one of the most common issues that can affect air conditioner performance. If you suspect you have dirty AC coils, we recommend calling an expert AC coil cleaning company to assist. 

At New Era Plumbing & HVAC, we proudly offer coil-cleaning services in Dracut, MA, that can keep your HVAC system in top condition and prevent expensive breakdowns. 

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AC Coils

What Are AC Coils?

AC coils are one of the most important parts of your air conditioner and are responsible for creating the cold air that circulates through your house. Your air handler has two main types of AC coils:

  • Evaporator coils
  • Condenser coils. 

Evaporator coils take the cooled and pressurized refrigerant fluid from the compressor. The blower fan blows air over the coils, and the cold refrigerant fluid extracts heat from the air from the blower. 

The condenser coil performs the same role as the evaporator coil, just in reverse. The condenser coil takes the heated refrigerant fluid and allows the AC unit to expel the heat from your home. After passing through the condenser coil, the refrigerant fluid returns to the compressor to start the process again. 

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Benefits of Coil Cleaning

Below are just a handful of the benefits regular AC coil cleaning from an expert AC coil cleaning company offers. 

Better AC Performance

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As your coils get dirty, a thick layer of dust and grime can form over them. Coils work better when they are unobstructed, so the layer of grime makes them less effective. The result is your AC unit takes longer to reach the temperature you want. Cleaning your coils from grime maximizes the surface area that makes contact with the air, improving your air conditioner's performance.

Save Money on Repairs

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When dirt covers your AC coils, your air conditioner has to work harder to produce the same results. Dirty coils put an unnecessary strain on your system, increasing the chance of breakdowns. Cleaning your coils keeps your system in good condition, so you will spend less money on repairs over your system’s lifespan.

Lower Energy Bills

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Cleaning your HVAC coils regularly lowers your annual energy consumption and energy bills. Dirty coils force your HVAC system to work harder than usual, so it draws more power and uses more electricity. When combined with regular AC maintenance, coil cleaning can reduce annual energy consumption by as much as 15%.

Extend AC Lifespan

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AC coils are some of the most important components of HVAC units, and a broken coil means you may have to replace your unit. Cleaning your coils keeps them in good condition, extending the lifespan of your system.
Cleaning your ac coils

How Often Should I Clean My AC Coils?

We recommend hiring an expert to clean your air conditioner coils annually during the spring or fall. Ideally, you should clean your coils once every six months—more frequently if you live in an area that is dusty or receives substantial moisture. You can have your HVAC contractor perform the cleaning process as part of general AC maintenance. 

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