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$300 Off Tankless Water Heater or Boiler Installation

*Cannot combine with any offers and promotions.

$150 Off Drain Repipe

*Cannot combine with any offers and promotions.

Round-the-clock help!

24/7 emergency plumbers ready!

You won’t hear our plumbers say no; we can fix it all, big or small.

If you notice broken valves, water heater/pipe leaks, or pipe bursts, don’t panic! When disasters strike, contact your friendly neighbors at New Era in Lowell.

Are you worried about costs? You’ll get a quick, free replacement estimate and transparent price before we start the job, and we have flexible financing options.

Every time you call us, after you hang up, we immediately send an emergency plumber your way!


Ask the plumbers!

As soon as possible, just consider traffic. We’re available 24/7, our equipment is pre-ready, and we get in the van just after finishing our call.

Recognize, yes; fix, not recommended. Look out for mildew or mold, damaged wallpapers or walls, damaged semi-soaked flooring, ceiling stains, low water pressure, and an earthy-wet smell. We can fix it with special moisture meters, dye tablets, and more. Just turn off the water supplies and wait for us.

Immediately turn off the heater/boiler. Then, drain the faucets by turning on the cold water tap and then the hot water tap. Also, flush the toilets a few times. Remove all electronics as far away from the water as possible. Clear up the space and make it more accessible. Lastly, place towels in affected areas while you wait for the expert plumbers to arrive.

It is best to schedule a yearly check-up. This way, you can reduce water bills, improve water quality and pressure, and prolong the system’s lifespan. You can also increase your property’s value and prevent problems related to inadequate care or other reasons.

If the fixture is made of old materials, and constant repairs cost more than a renovation, you’d better do a full replacement. Here’s an unwritten rule of thumb: if the repairs cost more than a third of a full replacement, 100% consider a replacement.

Cost-effective quality

Affordable residential plumbing done right

Whether you need ultra-quick help 24 hours a day, full replacements, fixing stubborn clogs and glitches, or upgrading your current systems, our residential plumbers are the ones you call.

We offer all the plumbing services you could need—fixing, installing, inspecting, upgrading—just name them!

It’s simple – if you want something done RIGHT THE FIRST TIME without fearing the cost, you come to us.

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Neighborhood plumbers to the rescue!

Honest experts with the right know-how

There are many reasons why Lowell has trusted us for residential plumbing for over 15 years. No sketchy prices and no half-baked jobs are just some of them.

Trust us with your home, and our plumbing company will justify that trust time and time again.

What’s in it for you?

  • High-quality materials
  • Improved home safety and cleanliness
  • Quick tending to your needs
  • Lasting solutions that won’t disappoint
  • A friendly attitude and empathy
  • Insightful information and maintenance tips
Recognize the problems

How to know you need a plumber

If you notice any of these, contact a residential plumber quickly!

  • Uneven water pressure – Constantly low pressure across fixtures
  • Water damage/stains – Walls, ceilings, or floors show ‘puddle’ damage, stains, and internal leaks
  • Persistent clogs – Slow drains that feel stuffed
  • Bad smells – Sulfuric smells indicating sewer issues
  • Unusually high water bills – Increasing costs could indicate hidden leaks
  • No hot water – The heater works long hours, yet the water feels lukewarm or cold
  • Mold growth – You can’t get rid of those dark patches around fixtures
  • Noisy pipes – Whistling, banging, gurgling…
  • Colored water – Yellowish or brown water because of rust in pipes

Shortly after you call, our plumbing contractors will arrive at your driveway. You’ll see friendly, smiling faces and a fully equipped van ready to handle all possible issues!

Vetted local expertise

Friendly plumbing contractors ready to help you!

Our residential plumbers are highly trained and have the right certifications to do a great job, and we do it the first time.

No status quo in our industry – that’s why all professionals stay updated on the latest technologies and methods. We’ll greet you with empathy, readiness, and expertise whenever you see us. Before they start working, every tech will show you an ID for peace of mind.

Because your place is unique, you will receive special attention and customized approaches. Most importantly, you won’t have to wait for us to arrive too long.

Budget-friendly solutions

Let’s talk about saving money…

You shouldn’t have to break the bank to keep your home safe and comfortable. We’ve carefully crafted special plans, perks, and DISCOUNTS THAT YOU’LL LOVE.

Ask your friendly visiting plumber about promotions. You could:

  • SAVE in plumbing repairs
  • Be FIRST IN LINE for service calls with the White Glove Membership
  • WAIVE OFF fees
  • And much more, depending on our monthly deals.

Take advantage of our comprehensive financing options, thanks to our partnerships with GreenSky, Goodleap, and Neeeco.

In case you forgot…

Why our plumbing company?

  1. Because you are our neighbor, not a statistic.
  2. In urgencies, we’re the FASTEST EMERGENCY plumbers.
  3. You’ll always get CLEAR PRICING and various affordable plans.
  4. You’ll get CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS specific to your home.
  5. You’ll always get a 5-STAR SERVICE from our plumbers.
  6. You’ll always be INFORMED OF EVERYTHING we do, every step of the way.
  7. We are locally owned and committed to giving back to the Lowell community.
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5-STAR plumbers that care

You’re the core of this community, and that’s the main reason why we give 100% of our expertise to you and every household in the area.

Choose from the transparent financing plans we offer for various plumbing services. And enjoy some peace of mind knowing that we comply with local Massachusetts plumbing policies and regulations.