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Backflow Testing & Prevention in Dracut, MA


Need to test or replace your current backflow prevention device? Call (978) 209-8712 now to schedule service in Dracut, MA. 


Do you have a backflow prevention system installed on your property? Make sure it’s tested annually to ensure the continued safety of your community’s drinking water. Yearly testing is required to remain in compliance with city regulations. 

If you’re looking for professional backflow testers, look no further than our certified experts at New Era Plumbing & HVAC. We offer full backflow prevention assembly testing, installation, and replacement in Dracut, MA and surrounding areas. 

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What is Backflow? How Does It Happen?

Backflow occurs when wastewater flows in the reverse direction and enters your clean water supply. This is typically caused by instances of backpressure or backsiphonage. 

Backpressure is the result of imbalances in water pressure between your plumbing line and the municipal line. If water pressure from your own plumbing system is greater than the municipal system’s water pressure, backpressure can occur. The result is wastewater entering the city’s clean water line and contaminating the water supply of the surrounding area.

Backsiphonage is a similar problem. This is often caused by a water main break or an illegally opened fire hydrant. 

Due to the potential for backpressure or backsiphonage to occur, backflow prevention devices play a crucial role in keeping our city’s water supply safe and clean. If your backflow prevention assembly is damaged or defective, not only will it affect your household, but homes in the surrounding community will also be affected with contaminated water as well. 

Are You Required to Install a Backflow Prevention Device on Your Property?

While backflow prevention is often required in commercial settings, certain residential properties will also need to have a backflow prevention system installed.

If your property has the following features, you may need to have backflow prevention devices installed:

  • Fire suppression systems
  • Artificial ponds
  • Swimming pools
  • Lawn sprinklers or irrigation systems

All of these have the potential to create cross-connections and cause wastewater to contaminate your potable water supply. Our experts at New Era Plumbing & HVAC can help you install approved backflow prevention devices, including double check assemblies and lead-free reduced pressure principle assemblies.

Call Now for Backflow Testing and Prevention Services in Dracut

You can expect to receive a reminder in the mail about 45 days before your backflow test report is due. Make sure to schedule testing as soon as possible to avoid problems with your water service and penalty fees. Call our Dracut backflow prevention experts to book your appointment today. 

Our backflow testing services comply with local regulations. We will assess your entire backflow prevention system and make sure your devices aren’t leaking or damaged. If problems are identified, we will discuss the issue with you and perform the necessary repair or replacement. Once the test is complete, we will fill out the test report and file it with the city. 

Contact our certified backflow testers at (978) 209-8712 for immediate service in Dracut, MA. 

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