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Having problems with your water heater? Need to install a new system? Call (978) 209-8712 now to work with our water heater experts in Dracut, MA.


New Era Plumbing & HVAC, formerly known as SDP Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, is the team to call when you’re in need of water heater repair or water heater replacement in Dracut. Our licensed plumbers service all types of water heaters from all major brands. 

Whether your family is searching for an energy-efficient model, considering a tankless water heater, or having problems with your current system, we have all of your hot water needs covered. 

Contact us today for quality water heater installation and repair in Dracut, and be on your way to greater energy savings! 

Call Now for Water Heater Repair and Maintenance in Dracut

The life expectancy of your water heater will depend on the quality of installation, and whether you have a tank or tankless system. Most traditional tank water heaters typically last 10 to 12 years, while tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years. Get the most out of your system and extend its life with regular maintenance and timely repairs.

Traditional water heater maintenance involves flushing the tank. Have the unit emptied once a year to rid the tank of minerals and sediment that can settle inside. If left in the tank over time, sediment and minerals can cause your water heater to overwork, putting stress on the heating element and shortening the unit’s lifespan. 

For tankless water heaters, routine descaling can help ensure that your system continues to operate at optimal levels. Although tankless water heaters aren’t at risk of leaking and bursting like their traditional counterparts, they are prone to scaling, particularly if you have hard water in your area. Routine tankless water heater inspection should be a part of your annual home maintenance plan.

Aging Water Heaters

Determining the age of your water heater is a simple process. If you don’t remember when you purchased your current unit, or if you just bought a new home and need to know the system’s age, look for the serial number on the unit. The number is typically located on the upper portion of the water heater and should have a letter followed by a group of numbers. 

In most cases, the letter corresponds to the month the unit was manufactured. For example, “A” indicates January, “B” for February, and so on. The number after the letter indicates the year the unit was made. If your water heater is labeled B18, for example, the unit was manufactured in February 2018. 

Common Water Heater Problems

Age and continuous use will cause your water heater to wear down over time. While yearly inspections will help it run more smoothly and efficiently, homeowners should also be familiar with the warning signs of common water heater problems and contact us for immediate repair if they notice issues with their system. 

Leaking tank: Even a small leak can suddenly turn into a burst tank and flood your home. Reach out to our Dracut water heater installation and repair experts for help right away. 

Discolored water: Rust is a common problem in aging steel water heaters. If you notice a red or brown tint to your water, the tank might be rusting. 

Limited hot water: Sediment buildup in the tank can cause a limited supply of hot water and cause you to wait longer for hot water to become available. 

Strange sounds: If you hear loud banging or clanging noises coming from your water heater, it likely means your system is overexerting itself. Strange sounds can also point to sediment buildup. Contact us to have the problem inspected and resolved as soon as possible.

The team at New Era Plumbing & HVAC is committed to providing the most cost-effective water heater solutions in Dracut. Our experts will explain the problem in detail and only offer the solution you need to remedy the issue. 

Work With the Best Water Heater Experts in Dracut

Your water heater is in good hands when you choose New Era Plumbing & HVAC. Our service technicians will perform a full diagnostic to uncover the source of the problem and have your system running like new again in no time. If water heater replacement is recommended, we will discuss your options and make sure your new system is correctly sized and installed.

Contact us today at (978) 209-8712 to schedule immediate water heater repair or replacement in Dracut, MA. 

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“I have used New Era multiple times and I am more than pleased with their work. This past winter our furnace was not heating up at all. With having a one year old it was critical to have our furnace working properly. They came out the same day and were able to repair the furnace. Thank you to the New Era team for working diligently and professionally. We always recommend them to our friends and family”.

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“We are very pleased with the work New Era Plumbing did to get our very old A/C unit up and running today. Charley arrived on time and was incredibly thorough throughout the process. He explained things to me multiple times to make sure I understood the issues, and gave me many options for fixing the problem. We are crossing our fingers that we don’t need heating and cooling again soon, but when we do, we will call them back. Thanks for a great experience!”

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