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Clogged drain or toilet? Issues with your indoor comfort systems? Contact New Era Plumbing & HVAC at (978) 726-6750 to book an appointment with our experts in Wilmington, MA.

Struggling with a plumbing or HVAC problem? Make sure you have a reputable contractor in your network who can provide you with quick service and quality solutions. New Era Plumbing & HVAC is the company your neighbors trust to get things done right. Give us a call today for immediate plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services in Wilmington, MA.

The Best Plumbing Services in Wilmington

A plumbing problem can quickly develop into an emergency if left unresolved. Don’t let a leaking pipe, drain clog, or other plumbing issue lead to more serious damage. Contact our Wilmington, MA plumbers for immediate help as soon as you notice a problem. 

Clogged drains: Let us help you remove stubborn clogs from your toilet or drain. We only carry out safe drain clearing solutions that won’t harm your drain lines. Want to avoid clogged drains in the future? We’re happy to discuss preventive drain cleaning and maintenance.

Low water pressure: This problem is often caused by buildup in your water line due to minerals or other debris. Leaks in your water line can also lead to low water pressure. Get to the bottom of the problem with a professional inspection by our experts at New Era Plumbing & HVAC. 

Water heater problems: Is your water heater leaking? This can potentially result in the tank bursting and flooding your home. Don’t delay in calling for service if you notice rust or leaking near the bottom of your water heater tank. 

Leaking pipes: Hidden pipe leaks often develop in older homes. This problem can be difficult to notice right away since it occurs behind your walls. Be on the lookout for warning signs, which often include unusually high water bills, mold growth, musty smells, and water stains on your ceiling or wall. If you think you have a leaking water pipe, reach out for immediate leak detection

Wilmington’s First Choice for Reliable Heating and AC Solutions

Having trouble with your furnace, AC, or heat pump? Whether you need to fix your equipment or replace it for a more efficient system, our experts will make sure you receive the solution you need. 

Heating and AC Repairs

Do you hear unusual noises coming from your HVAC units? Not getting any warm or cool air at all? Contact our experts for immediate service. We will perform a full system diagnostic before recommending the best solution. We are committed to providing our customers with cost-effective HVAC repairs throughout Wilmington, MA. 

HVAC Equipment Installations

How well your HVAC system is installed is more important than the brand or a high efficiency rating. By working with a licensed and professional HVAC contractor like the experts at New ERa Plumbing & HVAC, you can rest assured that you will receive the long-term comfort and peace of mind you deserve. 


Contact us today at (978) 726-6750 for quality plumbing and HVAC solutions in Wilmington, MA. 

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“I have used New Era multiple times and I am more than pleased with their work. This past winter our furnace was not heating up at all. With having a one year old it was critical to have our furnace working properly. They came out the same day and were able to repair the furnace. Thank you to the New Era team for working diligently and professionally. We always recommend them to our friends and family”.

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Marlene Rivera

“We are very pleased with the work New Era Plumbing did to get our very old A/C unit up and running today. Charley arrived on time and was incredibly thorough throughout the process. He explained things to me multiple times to make sure I understood the issues, and gave me many options for fixing the problem. We are crossing our fingers that we don’t need heating and cooling again soon, but when we do, we will call them back. Thanks for a great experience!”

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Caitlin Durrance


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